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Did you know that your voice is more unique than your DNA?

Each person has a unique energy signature. We use an amazing software, developed by Quantum Sound Therapy, to create a unique set of frequencies specifically designed to help harmonize and balance you. Simply by listening to your personal frequencies you can harmonize your energy and let go of the subconscious blocks that are holding you back from living a life of love, joy and peace.

You can choose to play your personal frequencies on a headset or through speakers and you can go about your day as usual. You can also choose to “amplify” the impact of your personal set of frequencies by doing an Individual Quantum Sound Session or Purchase an IQube Technology to enhance your experience.

Below is a sample of a voice chart created from the unique energy of your voice.

Voice Chart (1)

The software analyzes the energy in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and views you like a symphony. The program looks at your “symphony” and sees what frequencies are needed to specifically harmonize you.

When our clients combine listening to their tones and drinking our structured water we have seen and heard of lots of amazing changes in people.

Here is a video of Ann and Bill taking the voice sample of Emily at a radio interview show. This will give you a sense of the process and what to expect.


Payment for Personal Frequencies

Getting your personalized frequencies is as easy as 1,2,3…


1) Take a “voice sample”. You can get your personal frequencies tones simply by using a cell phone. Find the voice recorder on your cell phone and take a 10 to 20 second voice sample saying a specific phrase. Start speaking before you press record so there is no blank space at the beginning.

What do I  say?

Bay Bee Bye Bow Boo, Hay Hee Hye Ho Who


Say an affirmation like “I am LOVE”.

2) Name the voice sample with your first name and date and then email the sample to:

3) Remit payment using the form below.

4) Within 24 hours of sending payment and sending us your voice sample, you can download your new personal frequencies and your voice chart at: My Soul Tones. From there you can download the new tones and copy them onto the player of your choice or burn them onto a CD.

5) If you want to connect and go through your personal voice chart with you (approximately 15 minutes) please send us a note with several days and times that work for you to

If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy listening………!

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Session Type

Your Tones Only $50, Live “Read your Chart” Session $100


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