Podcast Interview FAQ

When you share through our community:

  • We do a 30-60 minute jam packed Facebook Live Interview, and post on our website, Instagram and FB pages. 
  • Our videos get averages of 700+ views within 24 hours of your interview.
  • It's done for you. We cut, edit and upload your interview to our platform.  
  • ​Reach more of your ideal people, faster.
  • It's easy to share, we've got pre written posts for your email and social media.
  • Inspire others to heal their wounds and make the change for good.

Expectations, Income and Costs 

There is no monetary cost to schedule your interview.
HOWEVER, we do need your support in sharing. 

  • You must post at least ONE product/event/service to the store prior to your interview.  
  • Purchases resulting from the live that are made on NEOhMy.com will be subject to our regular service fees and terms.
  • We will promote and share your interview before and after your call.  
    You are expected to do the same. 
  • We will continue to share/promote your interview over the next month.
  • We will continue to sell your items, solo or as part of a package with other related products.

I already have an ecourse/product I want to sell through the site?  

I don't have an product/ecourse/upsell for my interview, what do I do? 

Before the Call You Will Need To:

  • Provide (affiliate) links to your offers, free or paid courses.
  • Promote your upcoming interview in 3 or more posts.
  • ​Install Facebook on your smartphone (incase you haven't already)

The Day Of Our Call

  • Share the FB posts about your our call and excitement on social media before the call.
  • Make sure your lighting and background are clean and authentic.
  • Make sure you have approved FB LIVE to use your mic/video. (If you've ever done a FB live before this should already be done) 
  • Use headphones for best audio recording quality and to avoid feedback.
  • We will record the call and provide a link to the interview when completed.

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