Am I doing it right? What does meditation FEEL like?

When I meditated (been thinking of starting again) I felt nothing.
For me should be devoid of feeling.
It feels like calmness, escaping, nature, present,
gratitude, fizzing, vibrating, humming,
Here, acceptance, Conscious, breath, release, 
Peace, Being seen, heard and reflected upon, 
Mindfulness, centering, openness
That you would benefit from doing it,
rather than asking these questions,
is undeniable. 
like you have too much time on your hands,
rolling around on facebook, instagram, pintrest
flowing, scrolling, clicking, being.
A remembrance and reconnection with our divinity.
Unbelievable feeling of love, release and calm.
And yet a connection to soul that goes beyond words.  
Being Everywhere All at Once, Breathe