Every Purchase Has Purpose

We're a local, community curated, movement.
It's a new way for you to shop with intention
 and share in the joy of connecting with your local community.

As pioneers we do business differently, putting people and planet first. That means you can trust that every purchase you make from us directly positively impacts the life of its creator
(who might just turn out to be your neighbour).

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We care about our planet.

We care about its people.

We are fed up with accepting the status quo. We are tired of accepting fast food, fast personal development, fast that’s mass produced, without thinking about how it impacts the environment or the people who made it.

We choose local trade, not fast trade.

We choose ethically sourced, not sweat labour.

We choose Made With Love, not made in China.

We choose respect, for this earth, this generation, and future generations.


So we’ve done the research for you to find the very best in ethical and sustainable food, healing, fashion, homewares, jewellery and more that we know you’ll love.

Every day we are growing and learning, but the one thing we will never do is give up our fight for a sustainable future – a more ethical and fair future for all. We don’t need to miss out on quality, or enjoyment.  

We can make an impact by just changing who we support.


The Earth sustains us, and we believe it’s courteous to return the favour. We focus on the use of locally sourced, recycled and renewable materials in our beauty products. We promote creative re-use and energy efficiency in artisan workshops and our supply chain to minimize our environmental footprint.


Every purchase you make goes towards supporting someone to pursue their passion as their full or part time gig, creating resilient community based biz that thrives.


Replace your sweet commercial beverages with these naturally probiotic and ethically sourced drinks.

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One fine summers day in Calgary, a brilliant woman entrepreneur hosted a gathering,
inviting all her favourite friends and clients.  

One of them, a bright young marketer, and single mama, happy to have an evening out (enjoying being an adult in a fancy dress).

The other, an experienced business woman, having just had her designer quit on her, and quite put out by the inconvenience of having to find someone new mid launch.

The hostess saw the opportunity for a mutually beneficial connection, and she introduced them.   (we love to do this!)

A few days later, the two had cut a deal, and were on their way to co-creating the first New Earth Expo in Calgary.  It quickly expanded to Red Deer, Edmonton and Saskatoon.

In 2018, after years of working together on The New Earth Expo, Gail and Elena found themselves wanting to bring the love and community of the LIVE Expo's to an all year round experience, allowing vendors to promote their quality products that are good to the world, and support shoppers who care about local, organic, vegan, probiotic, ethically sourced food and products, to find just the thing to fill their craving for community.

We love to see people connect
through conscious commerce.

and it became a no-brainer to support and work with brands
that completely align with the Values and Ethics of Our New Earth.

We couldn’t ignore the desire any longer.  We’ve now created an online store that supports ethical, local, human made brands who value sustainable practices and don’t blindly accept a broken system.

We Believe in Big Dreams that Change The World

Our goal is to be the worlds largest
community curated, review and affiliate company for holistic, conscious, eco-friendly products, eCourses, services, and retreats.

(It's free to signup and list your products/services/events)