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Chose Your Own… Pasta Sauce?

Cook your favourite gluten free pasta (or spaghetti squash),

then everyone gets to choose their own pasta sauce when you toss each portion with 1-2 TBS of their favourite Cashew Cheese or Pesto Mystiko.  For tomato sauce lovers, add in a few spoons of Salsa Kraut and Voila! 

Got more time? Call your friend and invite them over, while they are enroute, saute whatever veg you have around, mix and enjoy!

2 Minute Guacamole

Peel and mash an avocado, add 2 TBS Salsa Kraut, add salt/cayenne to taste.  Grab a bag of our favourite organic corn chips, and eat it all up!

Saucy Simple Salad

Mix 3 TBS Jingle Sauce/Cashew Cheese with 3+ TBS olive oil, shake and serve over your favorite salad. (or if you’re feeling lazy but still care about your health, pour over spinach and hemp hearts)

Instant Glory Rice

Take cooked plain rice (we won’t judge you if it’s yesterdays takeout leftovers) re-heat in a pan and toss in 1-2 cups of frozen organic veggies.  When the veg is cooked, top with 3+ TBS of Jingle Sauce to take it from “blah leftovers” to “OMG yum!” 

The ProBiotic Everything Chip Dip

Mix 1-2 TBS Cashew Cheese/Jingle Sauce, with 2 TBS Cauliflower Kraut, add a fresh grated veg (carrot, cucumber, turnip or other) a cooked/sprouted bean/lentil of your choice, add a little of your favourite kombucha/kefir until it’s a dip consistency. If it gets too thin add hemp protein to thicken it up again.